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Consent for removal and disposal of B-11

Gassco has received consent to remove and dispose of the B-11 facility.

B-11 is a facility located on the German Continental Shelf. It was part of the Norpipe pipeline from the Ekofisk field to Emden in Germany, until the pipeline was diverted around the facility in the summer of 2013. 

B-11 was originally operated by ConocoPhillips until the operatorship was transferred to Gassco in 2003. ConocoPhillips is now the technical service provider (TSP) to Gassco for this facility.  

In accordance with a 1974 agreement between the Norwegian and German governments concerning this pipeline system, facility B-11 is under Norwegian jurisdiction. This does not affect the applicability of German law. 

Since the facility is no longer in use, Gassco wishes to remove it. Removal is scheduled to begin in February 2015 and to be completed by 2016.

The PSA has now given Gassco consent to remove and dispose of the facility. The German authorities must now also grant consent for the activities.

The B-11 facility. (Photo: Gassco)

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