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Consent for use of Songa Trym for production drilling on Troll Phase II ("Troll Oil")

Consent: The PSA has granted Statoil consent to use the mobile drilling facility Songa Trym for the drilling of seven production wells on Troll oil

The consent applies to drilling of seven wells, and includes production drilling, including drilling of appraisal and observation wells, completion, workover and plugback. Statoil's contract for use of Songa Trym has a duration until July 2012 with an additional two-year option. The plans are to use the facility on Troll oil during this period.


Songa Trym (photo) is a mobile facility built in Norway at Aker Værdal and completed in 1976. The facility is owned by Songa Offshore ASA and is operated by Odfjell Drilling AS.

The facility received renewed Acknowledgement of Compliance  (AoC) in June 2009 as a result of change of ownership.

Thor Gunnar Dahle, Principal engineer
Email: thor.dahle@ptil.no | +47 51 87 61 96