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Consent to carry out drilling operations with West Alpha

Statoil Petroleum AS (Statoil) has received consent to carry out drilling and completion on the Alve field and well intervention on the Urd field with the mobile drilling facility West Alpha.

The consent includes drilling and completion of well 6507/3-L-4 AH on the Alve field and well intervention in well 6608/10-J-2 H on Urd.

The drilling on Alve is scheduled for mid-February 2011 at the earliest. According to the application for consent, the operation has an expected duration of 60-75 days.

Following completion of the Alve well, Statoil will use West Alpha for well intervention on Urd. The operation has an estimated duration of 16 days.

Both Alve and Urd are in the Norwegian Sea. Both fields have been developed with subsea solutions connected to the production vessel on the Norne field.

West Alpha (above) is a semi-submersible mobile drilling facility of "Dyvi Drilling Ultra Yatzy" type.

It was built in 1986, is owned and operated by Seadrill Offshore AS and received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in December 2001. 

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
Email: oyvind.midttun@ptil.no | +47 51 87 34 77