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Consent to carry out exploration drilling in block 7220/8 with Polar Pioneer

Consent: Statoil has received consent to carry out exploration drilling of well 7220/8-1 with the mobile drilling facility Polar Pioneer.

The well will be located approx. 200 km from land northwest of Ingøya in Finnmark county and approx. 210 km south-southeast of Bjørnøya. The well has the following geographical coordinates:

  •  N 72° 29’ 28.96”
  •  E 20° 20’ 01.59”

The water depth at the site is 373 metres.

The plan is for drilling to start at the beginning of September and last for approx. 36 days. The well will be drilled in accordance with guidelines forming the basis for the Report on the consequences of year-round petroleum activities in the Lofoten - Barents Sea area (ULB).

The well will be drilled with the semi-submersible mobile drilling facility Polar Pioneer, which is owned and operated by Transocean. The facility was built at Hitachi Zosen in Japan in 1985, and has undergone several upgrades. The facility received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) from the PSA in May 2004.

The consent is also given under the assumption that Statoil carries out collection and reporting of meteorological and oceanographic data, including reporting potential proximity between the facility, the ice edge, drift ice or icebergs. The regulations contain a legal basis for ordering operators to carry out this duty.

Thor Gunnar Dahle, Principal engineer
Email: thor.dahle@ptil.no | +47 51 87 61 96