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Consent to carry out exploration drilling with Aker Barents in block 7220/7

Statoil has received consent to carry out exploration drilling in the Barents Sea with the Aker Barents drilling rig, which is operated by Aker Drilling.

The consent relates to the drilling of exploration well 7220/7-1 which is part of production licence 532. The well is located approx. 200 km from the closest point on land, which is Ingøya in Finnmark.

The well has the following geographical coordinates:

N 72° 27' 37.91", E 20° 09' 08.69". Water depth at the site is approx. 367 metres.

Drilling is scheduled to start in the first half of December 2011. The activity has an expected duration of approx. 57 days.

Aker Barents is a type H-6e so-called 6th generation semi-submersible drilling facility. The facility can drill at water depths up to 3000 metres and in Arctic regions.

The facility was delivered as a new construction during the summer of 2009 and was built by Aker Solutions at the Stord yard in Norway.


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