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Consent to carry out manned underwater operations

Consent: The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has granted consent to perform manned underwater operations in 2011 within the framework of a joint operations agreement for underwater services between ExxonMobil, Gassco and Statoil.

The planned activities in 2011 include e.g. work on the Statfjord C, Balder and Ringhorne facilities, as well as tie-in of a gas pipeline from Troll A to Kollsnes.

ExxonMobil has, through its executive operatorship, submitted a separate application for its part of the planned activities. The PSA has processed the applications collectively. Each of the three companies has independent operatorship and each has therefore been granted a separate consent.

The underwater operations will be carried out using the diving vessels DSV Skandi Arctic and DSV Wellservicer, as well as the light diving vessel LDC Technip Sea Hunter. Use of a light diving vessel presumes interaction with a qualified mothership. The three companies have contracted for the underwater operations with Technip Norway AS, which operates the three vessels.


Thor Gunnar Dahle, Principal engineer
Email: thor.dahle@ptil.no | +47 51 87 61 96