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Consent to carry out modifications on gas pipeline

Gassco AS has received consent to carry out modifications on the Ekofisk-Emden gas pipeline in connection with the phase-out of the B-11 compressor facility.

Based on studies carried out by Gassco, a decision has been made to route the gas pipeline from Ekofisk to Emden (Norpipe) outside the B-11 compressor facility, with the aim of subsequently removing the facility.

The work will be carried out in connection with the planned shutdown in the Greater Ekofisk area during the summer of 2013, and involves installation of a 340-metre long bypass on the 36-inch pipeline. Water depth near the facility is approx. 34 metres.

Regulations require the operator to apply for consent before carrying out major modifications or changes in use, unless this is covered in the approved plan for development and operation (PDO).

The PSA has now granted consent for Gassco to carry out this modification.

Journal 2011/855

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
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