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Consent to conduct exploration drilling with COSLPioneer in block 15/8

Statoil has secured consent to conduct exploration drilling in the central part of the North Sea using the COSLPioneer mobile facility.

The consent relates to the drilling of exploration well 15/8-2 in production licence 303. The well is located about 250 kilometres southwest of Stavanger. The consent also covers the drilling of a potential sidetrack.

The well has the following geographical coordinates:

N 58° 24' 55.08", E 01° 32' 49.89”  Water depth at the site is approx. 119 metres.

Drilling is scheduled to start in late July/early August 2011. The expected duration of the activity is about 79-124 days, depending on potential discoveries.

COSLPioneer (Photo: S.H. Glette, PSA)

COSLPioneer is a semi-submersible drilling facility, type GM 4000D, operated by COSL Drilling Europe AS.

Link: COSL Drilling receives Acknowledgement of Compliance for COSLPioneer.

Mike Theiss, Principal engineer
Email: michael.theiss@ptil.no |