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Consent to conduct exploration drilling with Ocean Vanguard – well 6407/2-6 S

Consent: Statoil has received consent to conduct exploration drilling in the Norwegian Sea with the mobile facility Ocean Vanguard.

The well is part of production licence 473 and is located about 50 km south of Åsgard.

The well has the following geographical coordinates:

N 64° 46' 17.2", E 07° 36' 18.9". The water depth at the site is 250 metres.

The plan is for drilling to commence as soon as the Ocean Vanguard (photo) has completed exploration drilling on well 6608/10-14 S (link). The expected duration of the activity is 54 days.

Ocean Vanguard (formerly West Vanguard) is a semi-submersible, third generation drilling facility of the Bingo 3000 type, built in 1982. It is operated by Diamond Offshore from their operations office in Stavanger, with technical and operational support from the company's office in Aberdeen.

The facility is registered in the Marshall Islands with Det Norske Veritas as classification society.

Ocean Vanguard received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in July 2004 (link).

Mike Theiss, Principal engineer
Email: michael.theiss@ptil.no |