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Consent to conduct manned underwater operations for ExxonMobil

Consent: ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Norway AS (ExxonMobil) has received consent to conduct manned underwater operations (MUO) in 2010.

The consent includes diving activity down to 180 metres and relates to defined and undefined operational and project tasks, as well as repair contingency.

MUO will be carried out under the ”Diving, Pipeline Repair, Contingency and Modification Services” contract between Statoil and Technip Norge AS.

ExxonMobil can also use this contract under the "Joint Venture Agreement for Subsea Services" with Statoil. We have previously granted consent to Statoil and Gassco (link).

In order to carry out MUO, the companies will avail themselves of the services of a number of vessels, such as DSV (Diving Support Vessel) Wellservicer and the lighter work boat LDC Technip Sea Hunter.

In addition, Technip is currently completing the construction/outfitting of DSV Scandi Arctic, which the company plans to bring into its MUO during the first half of 2010.

The companies have been asked to submit more detailed information about the activities to the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway well before the diving operations are commenced.

Mike Theiss, Principal engineer
Email: michael.theiss@ptil.no |