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Consent to use Floatel Superior at Oseberg

Statoil ASA has received consent to use the mobile living quarters facility Floatel Superior on the Oseberg field.

According to the plan, Floatel Superior will be used on Oseberg during the period April to December 2011.

The facility will provide room for personnel that, in addition to the regular staffing, will work at Oseberg during a period of high activity in connection with, e.g. shutdowns, upgrading the living area and galley at Oseberg A, as well as maintenance of surfaces and wells.

The flotel will have a gangway connection to Oseberg B.

In March 2010, Floatel Superior (photo) was delivered by the Keppel FELS shipyard in Singapore. The facility is operated by Floatel International AB (FIAB) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The facility received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in December 2010.

Mike Theiss, Principal engineer
Email: michael.theiss@ptil.no |