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Consent to use of Floatel Superior at Heimdal

Statoil has received consent to use the Floatel Superior mobile accommodation facility at Heimdal.

Production is planned to begin on 15 March 2014 and is estimated to last around 6 months.

Heimdal is a gas field lying under 120 metres of water in the central North Sea. The field has been developed using an integrated production, drilling and accommodation facility (HMP1).

HMP1 has a bridge connection to the Heimdal Riser Platform (HRP), which was built as part of the establishment of Heimdal Gas Centre.

Heimdal is now primarily a process centre for other connected fields. Huldra, Skirne and Vale supply gas to Heimdal, and gas from Oseberg will also be transported via Heimdal.

Journal 2013/1604



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