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Consent to use Safe Scandinavia on Snorre

Consent: Statoil has received consent to use the Safe Scandinavia (SSc) mobile accommodation facility at Snorre A.

The consent relates to use of the facility during periods of high activity at Snorre A in 2010 and 2011. The period of operation for SSc will be from 1 May through 31 October 2010 and from 1 April through 31 October 2011.

SSc will be anchored up southwest of Snorre A with a gangway over to this facility.

The high activity periods include upgrading the SAS (Safety Automation System), the fire and gas system, and upgrading the living quarters.

Safe Scandinavia (source: Prosafe)

Safe Scandinavia (see photo) was built in 1984 at Aker Verdal to an Aker H-3.2E design.

The facility is operated by Prosafe Offshore Limited, and has a maximum of 583 beds and 59 workstations.

Link: Safe Scandinavia has received an Acknowledgement of Compliance.

Mike Theiss, Principal engineer
Email: michael.theiss@ptil.no |