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Consent to use Songa Enabler at Snøhvit

Statoil has received consent to use Songa Enabler for drilling three wells at Snøhvit.

Snøhvit is a gas field in the Barents Sea north-west of Hammerfest. Statoil is the field's operator. Snøhvit has been developed using a subsea production facility. The gas is transported onshore through a 143-kilometre-long pipeline to Melkøya, off Hammerfest. Production at Snøhvit began in 2007.

Gas from the field contains CO2, which is separated out at Melkøya and sent back to the field for reinjection.

Statoil has received consent to use the Songa Enabler mobile drilling facility to drill three wells on the field. Two of these are production wells, while the third is for reinjecting CO2. The wells are designated 7121/4 G-4 H, F-1 H and G-3 H. The wells will be drilled in two well templates, whose geographical coordinates are:

  • 71o 39' 25.36" N  and  71o 36' 39.23" N
  • 21o 04' 09.09" E  and  21o 03' 24.46" E

The two well templates are in 316 and 318 metres of water respectively.

Drilling is scheduled to begin in late July 2016 and will last for 220 days in all.

Songa Enabler is a semi-submersible drilling facility of the CAT D type. It was delivered by the Daewoo yard in South Korea in 2016, is registered in Norway and classified by DNV-GL. Songa Enabler was issued with an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) by the PSA in July 2016.

Eileen Brundtland, press contact
Email: eileen.brundtland@ptil.no | +47 51 87 35 12