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Consent to use Statfjord C and associated satellite fields beyond original design lives

Statoil has received consent for extended use of Statfjord C, Statfjord Nord, Statfjord Øst and Sygna beyond their original design lives.

Statfjord is an oil field located in the Tampen area which began production in 1979. Statfjord has been developed using three platforms with concrete substructures standing in 145 metres of water.

Statfjord C was installed in 1984, the Statfjord Nord and Statfjord Øst satellite fields in 1994/95, and Sygna and Statfjord Nordflanken in 2000.

The Statfjord satellites are subsea installations tied back to the Statfjord C platform.


Journal 2012/1457

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
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