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Consent to use Transocean Leader for permanent well plugging at Njord

Statoil has received consent to use the Transocean Leader mobile drilling facility for permanent plugging of well 6407/7-3 on the Njord field.

Njord is an oil field in the Norwegian Sea, around 30 km west of Draugen, in approx. 330 metres of water. Njord has been developed using a steel semi-submersible drilling, accommodation and production facility.

Expected start-up of the operation is July 2014, with a duration of approx. 30 days.

Transocean Leader is a semi-submersible drilling facility of the Aker H-4.2 type, built in 1987 by Hyundai in South Korea and modified in 1997. It is registered in the Marshall Islands and classified by DnV. The facility was issued with an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AOC) by the PSA in December 2004.


Journal 2013/1372


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