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Gassco receives consent for change in use of B-11 facility on the Norpipe pipeline

Gassco has received consent for a change in use of the B11 facility as a "cold" facility, normally operated unmanned.

Norpipe is a gas pipeline that runs from the Ekofisk field to Emden in Germany. B-11 is one of two compressor facilities on the pipeline. It has been taken out of operation in that the pipeline now bypasses the facility.

The facility is therefore "cold", meaning that hydrocarbon gases are no longer processed or present on board. Gassco plans to remove the facility by 2016.

Until then, the facility will normally be unmanned.

Gassco has now received the PSA's consent to operate the facility in this state until it is removed.

Journal 2012/1400

Eileen Brundtland, press contact
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