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Gassco receives consent for removal of Ekofisk 2/4-S

Gassco has received consent for the removal of steel jackets and tripod on Ekofisk 2/4-S.

Ekofisk 2/4-S was a riser platform for reception of the Statpipe pipeline at Ekofisk. The steel jackets were installed in 1983 and the topsides and bridges in 1984. The platform was part of the Statpipe system and in 2003 was incorporated into Gassled, which comprises the majority of the transport system on the Norwegian shelf.

The platform is operated by Gassco on behalf of the Gassled owners, with Statoil as the technical service provider.

In 1998 the platform was decommissioned and the gas flow from the Statpipe pipeline was run through a separate bypass around the Ekofisk centre into the Norpipe pipeline to Emden. 2/4-S was linked to the Ekofisk centre by a footbridge.

The platform superstructure and the bridges were removed in 2001. The jacket and tripod remain and are planned for removal in the summer of 2014.

Journal 2013/1621


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