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Statoil receives consent for use of Gina Krog

Statoil has received consent to put the Gina Krog facility and associated pipeline system into service.

Gina Krog is an oil and gas field in the North Sea, about 120 kilometer west of Stavanger and 30 kilometer north west of Sleipner A. The field has been developed with a processing and accommodation facility on a steel jacket, and a vessel for oil storage. The gas will be transported by pipeline via Sleipner. The wells will be drilled from a jack-up facility.

The production at Gina Krog is expected to commence in April 2017. Statoil is the field's operator.

In June 2016, Statoil received partial consent from the PSA to put into service the accommodation quarters, cranes, pipelines and other parts of the Gina Krog facility that were necessary for activities in the phase leading up to production start-up.

We have now given Statoil consent to put into service the facility's production plant and associated pipeline system, which comprises the gas export pipeline between Gina Krog and Sleipner A, the oil export pipeline between the Gina Krog facility and the Gina Krog FSO storage unit, and the gas import pipeline from Zeepipe IIA to Gina Krog. The consent also includes an installation for the future reception of power from onshore.

An application from Statoil to deploy the Gina Krog FSO facility is currently being processed by the PSA.

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
Email: oyvind.midttun@ptil.no | +47 51 87 34 77