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Statoil receives consent to use modular drilling rig for production drilling at Heimdal

Statoil has received consent to use a modular drilling rig (MDR) to drill a new production well at Heimdal.

Statoil is the operator on the Heimdal field, a gas field in the North Sea, located around 212 kilometres north-west of Stavanger. Production on the field began in December 1985.

Statoil has now received consent from the PSA to drill a new production well from the Heimdal facility. The well is to be drilled using a modular drilling rig (MDR). An MDR is a modular mobile rig installed in the facility's drilling area. One has been used for permanent plugging of wells at Heimdal, and this new production well is to be drilled using the same device. The MDR is owned by Archer, which is Statoil's main contractor for drilling operations at Heimdal.

Drilling is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2015 and will be completed in the first half of 2016. The drilling rig will then be dismantled and transported ashore.

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
Email: oyvind.midttun@ptil.no | +47 51 87 34 77