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Market surveillance campaign - portable lifting equipment

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (NLIA) has conducted a joint market surveillance campaign to verify compliance with the formal documentation requirements in the machinery regulations for selected equipment types.

Market surveillance means follow-up by national authorities to ensure that products placed on the Norwegian market are safe and comply with the provisions in the Norwegian regulations which have incorporated the harmonised EEA product regulations.

This work is intended to contribute to a level playing field for participants in the EEA market. 

Regulations on market surveillance (MS) are pursuant to the European Economic Area (EEA) trade law (Act of 12 April 2013 no 13) and to relevant sector product directives such as the machinery directive.

The PSA and the NLIA are the MS authorities in their respective areas of responsibility and supervise compliance with Norway’s machinery regulations (regulations of 20 May 2009 no 544).

This campaign covered portable lifting equipment, such as simple lifting appliances, covered by section 1 of the machinery regulations, cf. section 2 litera a (machinery – lifting appliance), section 2 litera d (lifting accessories) and section 2 litera e (chains, ropes and webbing).

The campaign was limited to verifying compliance with the formal requirements for documentation and contents. We did not verify the technical contents or assess the quality of the contents. MS is accordingly not a conformity assessment or approval of docu­ments pursuant to the machinery regulations.