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Data protection on psa.no

We explain here how information on visitors to psa.no is collected and used.

We collect normal visitor statistics for our website, which includes the use of cookies. This information is analysed to establish how the site is being used, and to improve and develop its content.

Our web statistics include:

  • how many hits we get on the site
  • which pages are visited
  • how long a visit lasts
  • where the visitor comes from (geographically, city/country)
  • which browser has been used
  • which search term has been used.

We use the Google Analytics tool and Siteimprove for this purpose.

None of the information will be used to identify individuals. Cookies and the statistics are utilised only for operating and developing our website.

News subscription
You can subscribe to our news service, so that we notify you by e-mail when press releases or other information are posted to psa.no.

In order to direct this e-mail to the right subscriber, you must register your name and e-mail address. That information is stored in a separate database.

These details are used only for our news service. If you wish to cancel your subscription, your details will be deleted.

You can share articles from our website with the aid of its sharing service. Information on such sharing is not logged.

Personal information
Certain pages on psa.no contain forms to register for various events. Personal information acquired from such forms will only be used in connection with the relevant event.

Data protection officer
For questions regarding data protection please contact Nina Lie: nina.lie@ptil.no.