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Dialogue 2014

In this journal we provide an arena for debating some of the most relevant issues and challenges currently facing the industry in the field of safety.

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No boom lasts for ever. After several years of steep growth, the petroleum industry has gone into reverse. Nobody knows how long or how deep this downturn will be. Right now, however, economic growth and optimism have been replaced by savings and cost cuts.

What do these moves mean? Will they be significant for safety? Is it possible to squeeze costs while still achieving continuous improvements in the level of safety, as required by the regulations?

Just when the companies are trying to save money, demanding tasks are piling up. Existing fields need extensive maintenance and modifications, for instance.

And the industry faces a set of new and stronger challenges in the far north of the NCS. These must be overcome to ensure that safety in the Barents Sea maintains the same high level established further south.

This represents a demanding balancing act, and the industry has no leeway for making blunders. It faces a clear expectation, both from the PSA and from the highest political level, that safety is its top priority.

All this, and more, are covered in this issue.

A new feature is that this year’s edition is also available as a dedicated web magazine.

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