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Dialogue 2016

In this journal we provide an arena for debating some of the most relevant issues and challenges currently facing the industry in the field of safety.


Is safety at risk?

Cost cuts, downsizing, restructuring and efficiency improvements have lately been keynotes in the oil and gas sector.
When oil prices fell, the petroleum industry had to be restructured for a new reality. The changes were extensive, and came suddenly.
At a time when everyone’s eyes are focused on cost cuts, the PSA has expressed concern and asked is safety at risk? Is it at a crossroads? That is also the main theme for this issue of Dialogue.
We have put that question to a number of people inside and outside the petroleum sector, and obtained responses from Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg, Statoil CEO Eldar Sætre, director general Bente Nyland at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and BSEE head Brian Salerno, among others.
Openness, discussion and dialogue are important preconditions for the ability to conduct petroleum operations in a secure and 
prudent manner.
The questions and answers presented in this issue form part of the debate. Safety-related developments affect us all, and we urge 
you to discuss this issue with your own circle.

What do you think – is safety at risk?

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