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Dialogue no 1 2013

In this new journal we provide an arena for debating some of the most relevant issues and challenges currently facing the industry in the field of safety. The publication is released both in hard copy and in an electronic version.

Forside Dialog

This year's first issue of Dialogue is titled "Experience dearly bought". It looks at incidents large and small which have left their mark on the Norwegian petroleum industry - and on the people closely involved with them while they happened. These stories are examples of expereinces dearly bought.

The subject of learning from experience has not been chosen at random. It was one of the key topics at the 2013 annual conference of the Safety Forum, a central arena for union, management and government collaboration in the petroleum sector. this body is chaired and administered by the PSA.

A clear link also exists between this issue and the Safety - Status and Signals 2012-2013 publication from the PSA. That issue focused on major accident risk - and on how individual incidents in the past have helped to enhance safety.

Learning from you own mistakes and expereince and those of others is crucial to preventing serious incidents recurring.