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Order for Rowan Drilling Norway AS following audit of Rowan Gorilla VI

The PSA has issued Rowan Drilling Norway AS with an order after serious breaches of the regulations were identified by the audits of maintenance and logistics carried out on 24 September 2013 and from 14 to 17 October 2013.

The audit revealed that Rowan's maintenance management system does not meet the regulatory requirements.

The PSA identified non-conformities during the audit relating to:

  • Internal audits, verifications and follow-up activities
  • The technical condition of the facility
  • Maintenance management
  • Lifting equipment
  • Materials handling plan and competent enterprise (lifting proficiency certification)

On this basis, on 8 November 2013, the PSA issued a notification of order to Rowan Drilling Norway AS

On background of the notification, the PSA has issued Rowan Drilling Norway AS with the following order:

Pursuant to the Framework Regulations, section 69 concerning administrative decisions, with reference to the Management Regulations, section 6 concerning the management of health, safety and the environment, section 8 concerning internal requirements, section 21 concerning follow-up, and the Activities Regulations, chapter IX concerning maintenance, including classification, preparation of a maintenance programme and measurement of maintenance efficiency, Rowan Drilling Norway AS is ordered to implement the following measures:

  • To review the management system and implement measures so that the company's follow-up systems meet the intended needs in all parts of the organisation. The work shall include an investigation of why serious deficiencies in the maintenance management system and management system for using lifting equipment have not been identified and followed up.
  • To implement the measures in the submitted, time-delimited schedule, received on 10 December 2013, in order to ensure that, for all facilities within Rowan Drilling Norway AS's area of responsibility in Norway, necessary maintenance in accordance with regulatory requirements is planned and implemented.

Before facilities which are not currently in operation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf are deployed on the Norwegian shelf, Rowan must ensure that they can be operated prudently; see the Activities Regulations, section 20 concerning start-up and operation of facilities, and refer to sections 5.1-5.3 of the report.

The deadline for complying with the order is set at 15 February 2014. We are to be notified when the order has been carried out.

Explanation of the terms "order" and "notification of order"
An order is an administrative decision made pursuant to the regulations. Before we issue an order, we generally send a "notification of order" to the affected companies.

A notification of order is neither an instrument nor a notice of sanctions, but a step in the PSA's case processing in which we request the party to assess the factual basis. The notification is only the first step before an administrative decision is made.

An order is a strongly preventive instrument which is legally binding on the recipient.

Journal 2013/1081

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