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Order issued to Point Resources and Halliburton

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has issued an order to Point Resources AS and Halliburton AS in connection with its investigation into the lifting incident of 19 May 2018 on the Jotun B facility.

This accident occurred in connection with the lift of a drilling riser on the facility, which stands on the Jotun field in the North Sea and is operated by Point Resources.

The PSA’s investigation into the incident has identified serious deficiencies in systems and processes, and consequent breaches of the regulations.

On the basis of these findings, Point Resources and Halliburton were given notice of an order.

Read: Notice of order to Point Resources and Halliburton (3 July 2018)

In accordance with that notice, the following order has been issued to Point Resources and Halliburton.

Pursuant to section 69 of the framework regulations on administrative decisions, Halliburton AS is ordered to do as follows.

  • Conduct an immediate and systematic survey of barrier functions for lifting in the drilling module. This survey must cover the performance requirements which will form the basis for ensuring that these barriers fulfil their functions. See section 5 of the management regulations on barriers.
  • Ensure that the defined barriers are classified with regard to the consequences of possible functional failures for health, safety and the environment. See section 46 of the activities regulations on classification.
  • Assess compensatory measures for using the drilling facilities during the period until the survey of barrier functions has been completed. See section 22, paragraph 3 of the management regulations on handling of nonconformities.
  • Unambiguously define responsibility and authority, and prepare the necessary governing documents, for utilisation and follow-up of operations and equipment related to using the drilling module. See section 6 of the management regulations on management of health, safety and the environment.

The deadline for compliance with this order is 10 August 2018.

The investigation into the lifting incident is continuing, and will result in a report published on psa.no. Goals of the PSA’s investigation include clarifying the course of events and identifying the direct and underlying causes in order to contribute to learning and experience transfer.


What is the difference between an “order” and a “notice of order”?

An order is an administrative decision made pursuant to the regulations. Before the PSA issues an order, it generally sends a "notice of order" to the affected companies.

A notice of order is neither an instrument nor a notice of sanctions, but a step in the PSA’s administrative process in which it requests the party to assess the factual basis. The notice is only a first step before an administrative decision is made.

An order is a strongly preventive instrument which is legally binding on the recipient.

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
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