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Order to BP after follow-up of noise damage risk

In June of this year, the PSA conducted an audit of how BP follows up noise damage risk on the company’s offshore facilities. We have now issued an order to the company in line with the previous notification.

The audit, which was conducted on 17 June 2010, proved several nonconformities in relation to the regulations:

  • Employee groups are exposed to hazardous noise
  • Deficient systems and plans for implementing risk-reducing measures

On this basis, the PSA issued a notification of order to the company.

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The PSA has not received a response to its notification.

Based on the findings in the audit, and in accordance with the notification, we have therefore issued the following order:

Pursuant to Section 9 of the Framework Regulations regarding principles relating to risk reduction, the Management Regulations, Section 8 relating to the basis and criteria for decisions, Section 9 relating to planning and Section 22 relating to improvement, as well as Section 36 of the Activities Regulations relating to noise and vibrations, cf. Section 58 of the Framework Regulations relating to individual decisions, BP Norge AS is ordered to:

Review its system for managing noise damage risk for employee groups and take necessary steps to achieve compliance with regulatory requirements. This shall include a review of procedures and systems to identify necessary improvement measures, and also the development of schedules for risk-based corrective measures related to the risk of noise injuries, cf. Item 5.1.2 in the report

The deadline for complying with the order is set at 1 November 2010. The PSA must be notified when the order is carried out.

Order and notification of order
An order is a administrative decision made pursuant to the regulations.

Before the PSA makes an order, it usually issues a notification of order to the companies concerned.

A notification of order is neither a measure nor a warning of sanctions, but part of the PSA’s administrative process as specified in its established procedural rules.

The notification is merely a first step before an administrative decision is made.

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