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Order to Gassco and Statoil

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has ordered Gassco and Statoil to implement measures for protecting personal safety when working on and operating electrical installations at the Kårstø process plant north of Stavanger.

Audits of major accident risk and electrical installations conducted at Kårstø in the period from 8-10 November form the background for this order.

During the audits, the PSA identified a lack of risk understanding and follow-up of identified high arc flashing and personal protective equipment (PPE) levels for electrical equipment, including electrical equipment classified as PPE 3 and 4.

Gassco is operator for the Kårstø plant, while Statoil is the technical service provider.

The PSA has now issued the following order to Gassco and Statoil:

Pursuant to section 69 of the framework regulations on administrative decisions, see section 60 of the technical and operational regulations concerning work on and operation of electrical installations, sections 13 and 15 of the management regulations on work processes and information respectively, and sections 11 and 16 of the regulations for electrical equipment on marking and conditions of service respectively, the following order is issued to Gassco AS and Statoil ASA.

Clearly inform all relevant personnel about the identified personal protective equipment (PPE) levels, and the hazards which these can involve in the event of an accident. At the same time, ensure that personnel obtain the necessary knowledge of correct protective clothing when working on and operating electrical installations/equipment in accordance with identified PPE levels.

Incorporate work processes and routines to ensure personal safety when working on and operating electrical equipment in accordance with identified PPE levels.

Adequately clarify, mark and provide information about the electrical equipment where PPE levels exceed normal protective clothing.

The deadline for compliance with the order is 31 December 2016. We must be notified when the order has been complied with.

Explanation of the terms "order" and "notification of order"
An order is an administrative decision made pursuant to the regulations. Before we issue an order, we generally send a "notification of order" to the affected companies.

A notification of order is neither an instrument nor a notice of sanctions, but a step in the PSA's case processing in which we request the party to assess the factual basis. The notification is only the first step before an administrative decision is made.

An order is a strongly preventive instrument which is legally binding on the recipient.

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
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