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The document exists only in Norwegian

The document exists only in Norwegian




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Control of communicable diseases
Control of products and consumer services
Criminal Code
Flammable goods and liquids and gases under pressure - Svalbard
Food Products Control Act
General application of wage agreements etc
Harmful tobacco effects
Health and social preparedness
Health personnel etc.
Medicines Act
Patients’ rights
Petroleum activities
Pollution and waste
Product Control Act
Public Administration Act
Seamen’s Act
State Supervision of Health Services Act
Working environment

Royal Decrees

Joint regulations
Machinery (the Machinery Regulations)
Pressure equipment (the PE Regulations)
Pressure equipment - appendix

Other regulations
Abatement of pollution (pollution abatement regulations)
Anchoring/positioning systems on mobile offhsore units

Positioning and anchoring systems on mobile offshore units (the anchoring regulations 09)
Ballast systems on mobile offshore units
Certificates and qualification requirements for crews on mobile offshore units
Composition and use of dispersants and chemicals for cleaning the seashore for combatting oil pollution
Construction of mobile offshore units
Construction, design and manufacture of personal protective equipment
Continental shelf aviation - commercial air transport to and from helidecks on fixed and mobile offshore units
Dangerous waste
Deck cranes etc. on mobile facilities (the crane regulations)
Development and use of indexes for substances hazardous to health and in activities (the Index Regulations)
Electrical equipment

Employers' use of approved company health services, and approval of company health services
Evacuation and rescue means on mobile facilities (the rescue regulations)
Heavy and monotonous work
Helidecks on mobile facilities
Hygienic factors, etc. for installations involved in the petroleum activities
Life saving appliances and evacuation on mobile facilities
Limitation of pollution (the pollution regulations)

Meteorological services for aviation
Mobile offshore units with production plants and equipment
Ozon-depleting agents
Potable water system and potable water supply on mobile offshore units
Prohibition against incineration at sea
Protection against exposure to chemicals in the workplace (the Chemical Regulations)
Protection against mechanical vibrations
Protection of employees against the hazards of working with biological factors
Qualifications for electrical professionals
Qualification requirements and certification rights on Norwegian ships, fishing and catching boats and mobile facilities
Radiation protection and use of radiation
Regarding handling of flammable goods
Safety delegates and working environment committees
Safety signs and signals in the workplace
Safety when working on and operating high voltage installations
Safety when working on and operating low voltage installations
Simple pressure vessels
Soluble chromium in cement
Special waste
Stability, watertight subdivision and watertight/weathertight closing means on mobile offshore units
Standby vessels
Storage of explosive goods
Supply of medicinal products etc. in the municipal health service
Use and maintenance of electromedical equipment
Use of personal protective equipment in the workplace
Use of work equipment
Water supply and drinking water
Welding, thermal cutting, thermal spraying, carbon arc gouging, soldering and grinding, with guidelines
Work with computer monitors (the Computer Monitor Regulations)

Thematic guidelines
CODAM user manual

Guideline to the new drinking water regulations
The Directorate of Labour Inspection's Administrative standards for pollution of the work atmosphere
The Directorate of Labour Inspection's Guidelines relating to work at computer monitors
The Directorate of Labour Inspection’s Guidelines relating to climate and air quality in the workplace

Appendix to the Orientation concerning the arrangement of regulatory supervision