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Groups at particular risk

The companies must continue their efforts to reduce the threat of injury and illness for groups particularly exposed to such risks in the industry.

The risk of occupational injury and illness is unequally distributed between groups of workers in the petroleum industry.

Sickness and occupational injuries impose major human and economic costs on society, companies and individuals.

Operating parameters such as contractual conditions, financial terms, organisation of work, capacity and expertise often limit opportunities to reduce risk.

Efforts to cut the risk of injury and ill-health for particularly vulnerable groups must be continued and entrenched in the industry. Specific measures need to be adopted.

The industry

  • The industry must continue to develop good operating parameters which support a high level of health, safety and the environment (HSE), and which are also compatible with expertise and capacity at contractors.
  • More must be learnt about risk conditions for contract and foreign workers, in part to prevent social dumping. An acceptable working environment must be ensured for contract personnel. Roles and responsibilities for following up these groups must also be clarified.
  • Vessel owners/drilling contractors must accept greater responsibility for identifying and following up groups at particular risk on mobile units.
  • Companies must secure an overview of and adopt technologies or technical solutions with the potential to protect groups at particular risk.
  • Both employers and unions must play a more active role in efforts to reduce risk for particularly vulnerable groups.


  • We will continue to follow up the industry’s work on groups particularly exposed to risk in 2014. We will help to ensure that knowledge acquired through company and regulatory follow-up is systematised and communicated to the industry.
  • Areas given special attention by us in 2014 will include projects making heavy use of contract personnel. We will also give emphasis to vessel-owner/drilling-contractor responsibility for and follow-up of groups particularly exposed to risk on mobile units.
  • We will work to ensure that the industry becomes more conscious of the significance of operating parameters for groups particularly exposed to risk.
  • In addition, we will assess a development of the regulations based on experience from particularly exposed groups and operating parameters.