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Listen up – stories to break the sound barrier

Seminar in Stavanger 10 April 2012 - The petroleum industry's noise project and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway.

How do you value a good sense of hearing?

In the petroleum industry we know that there are approx. 500 new cases of noise-induced hearing loss every year. These are individuals who know the value of good hearing, and they have paid a high price.

We know that many of these hearing injuries are due to noise in the working environment, and we also know that large groups on the facilities are exposed to too much noise.

 Are ear muffs sufficient?

We are aware of the great uncertainty related to the use of hearing protection. It is a weak barrier against severe injury.

We know that noise is perceived as the greatest working environment issue on the facilities.

We know a great deal about noise and noise injuries, and in fact we know a great deal about what has to be done to address the problem.

 We want to alleviate the noise, and invite you to a seminar on noise management and good solutions for preserving hearing in the future.

 The venue for the seminar is Scandic Hotel at Forus, and the date and time is 10 April 2012 from 09:00 to 15:00.

 The seminar is free. Programme and registration details to follow.

Sigvart Zachariassen, sjefingeniør
Epost: sigvart.zachariassen@ptil.no