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Circular: restrictions on NCS helicopter activity

Operators and rig contractors on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) have been asked to confirm briefly that a risk-based approach will be take to current restrictions on helicopter flights because of ash in the atmosphere.

This request is contained in a circular issued by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA).

Air and helicopter traffic at Stavanger’s Sola Airport and other locations were affected with effect from 08.00 on 24 May as a result of the volcanic eruption in Iceland and the spread of ash in the air over Norway and the NCS.

The aviation authorities are continuously monitoring the situation

In these conditions, the PSA will be paying particular attention to the way operators and rig contractors fulfil their responsibility to pursue acceptable operations.

Its circular requests confirmation that, as part of a risk-based approach, the necessary measures have been assessed, prepared and implemented where necessary both for normal operation and for possible hazards and accidents.

The PSA emphasises that operators and contractors are used to dealing with weather conditions, such as periods of dense fog, which cause all or some helicopter flights to be suspended.

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