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Investigation report on Mongstad work accident

A PSA investigation of the work accident at the Mongstad facility in November 2014 has now been completed. One nonconformity with the regulations has been identified.

The accident at Statoil’s Mongstad refinery north of Bergen occurred on 29 November 2014 in connection with preparations for maintenance of a compressor in the cracker.

An employee fell about three metres from a ladder and was seriously injured when a valve was to be operated at a height above ground. He suffered serious head injuries in addition to broken bones, and was hospitalised

The PSA decided on 1 December 2014 to conduct its own investigation of the incident.

One nonconformity has been identified by the PSA investigation. This relates to the failure to conduct a risk assessment when changing to a geared valve.

In addition, the investigation has found improvement points related to inadequate training in the functioning of the valve, unfortunate practice when using a ladder, and inadequate risk assessment before ascending a ladder.

The PSA has now asked Statoil to explain how the nonconformity will be dealt with, and how the company assesses the improvement points which have been identified.