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PSA investigates Mongstad gas leak

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has initiated an investigation into a gas leak which took place at Mongstad in western Norway on 8 February.

This escape of liquefied petroleum gas* (LPG) occurred while modification work was under way. Nobody was injured, but the area was cordoned off and personnel evacuated. The area of the complex where the leak happened was shut down and depressurised.

The PSA has appointed a three-member investigation team, which began its work at Mongstad this morning.

Objectives of the inquiry include establishing the course of events and identifying their direct and underlying causes. A report will be produced and published on the PSA website.

The Mongstad facilities
Located north of Bergen, this complex initially became operational in the mid-1970s and is operated today by Statoil. It currently comprise an oil refinery, the Vestprosess processing plant for natural gas liquids and a crude oil terminal. The refinery is the largest in Norway. Read more at the Statoil website.


* Liquefied petroleum gas consists primarily of propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10), which can be liquefied by increasing their pressure or cooling them down.

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