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Audit of Gassco - management's follow-up of own activities

In the period 5 - 6 October 2010, the PSA carried out an audit of Gassco. The purpose of the audit was to review the management's follow-up of own activities.

Management, in particular regarding major accident risk, is one of the PSA's main priorities in 2010. Gassco is the operator of the integrated transport system for gas from the Norwegian continental shelf to Europe, and is thus an important player within the Norwegian petroleum activities.

The objective was to examine how Gassco's management works to influence its own organisation.

The Gassco management has worked with the organisation's role and staffing. Cooperation with the various technical service providers, (TSPs,) has shown a positive development since the company was established. The company has achieved a good balance between own capacity, competence and role.

No nonconformities from applicable regulations were identified. One improvement item was identified, related to follow-up of organisational factors and cooperation in the organisation which can contribute to reducing major accident risk.