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Management and major accident risk

Management at all levels of the industry must work to reduce major accident risk, and ensure that these efforts are pursued in a coherent manner.

Management has an overall responsibility for managing major accident risk.

Initiatives and decisions taken by management define and influence conditions which are significant for such risk.

The industry

  • The industry must ensure that management – at every level – gives priority to work on reducing major accident risk.
  • A key issue is the way information on major accident risk is incorporated in strategic and operational decisions.
  • Management must ensure that operating parameters for the enterprise’s overall operations are appropriate in terms of preventing major accident risk.


  • We will look in 2014 at the way management follows up the enterprise’s operations in a major accident perspective.
  • That will include assessing how management works to maintain an overview of the enterprise’s own activities, how nonconformities are handled, and how improvement processes are initiated and managed.
  • We will follow up the way management ensures appropriate operating conditions for the enterprise’s overall operations, and how activities are tailored to shortages of critical resources – such as capacity and expertise – in all phases of the business.
  • During 2014, we will focus attention on the way licensees comply with their responsibility to reduce major accident risk. We will also follow up the way management in the companies ensures an acceptable transition to new phases. That applies particularly to players with little experience from the NCS, including those who are to drill their first well as an operator, those planning their first field development, and those taking over as the operator for a producing field.