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Management and major accident risk

Management at all levels of the industry must work to reduce major accident risk, and ensure that these efforts are pursued in a coherent manner.

Photo from offshore environment

Management has an overall responsibility for managing major accident risk. Initiatives and decisions taken by management define and influence conditions which are significant for such risk.

The industry must:

  • Ensure that management – at every level – gives priority to work on reducing major accident risk.
  • When several companies work together, a key requirement is that each of them fulfils its responsibility both for its own operations and for the companies under contract to it.
  • Follow-up, including with suppliers, is a key tool in exercising management’s responsibility for preventing major accidents.

Our efforts in 2013 will include:

  • Following up the drilling contractors and their responsibility in the operational phase – and how they understand and exercise this responsibility.
  • Attention will also be focused on the way the companies tailor their activities to deal with shortages of critical resources, such as capacity and expertise.
  • In addition, we will look at the companies’ own follow-up and how they work to maintain an overview of their own operations.