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Prevention of major accidents – challenges and opportunities

The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), were the organisers of a seminar on 9 September where the industry, the supervisory authorities and employees discussed challenges and opportunities faced by the newer operators with licences on the Norwegian shelf in the work to prevent major accidents.

This is the third time OLF and the PSA have cooperated to organise such a seminar. This time, a more open seminar was planned, and company management, operative management, HSE management and employee organisations were invited to participate.

The seminar was opened by Knut Torvaldsen, Director of HSE & Operations in OLF and Anne Vatten, Director for Supervisory Activities in the PSA. Anne Vatten emphasised that for the PSA, it is extremely important that the individual player understands its own responsibility and role – and has the necessary capacity and expertise to handle the risk entailed by the activity. She also referred to the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, which has taught us that isolated catastrophes are not confined to regional boundaries, but rather become international – with consequences for the entire industry’s reputation.

The conference program (external link) had prevention of major accidents as a main topic, before a discussion surrounding preparedness. The conference ended with a debate and discussion among the participants.

Representatives from “the younger ones” (instead of “the smaller ones”) – had e.g. input on cooperation, diversity and challenges – and on experiences gained from work on preventing major accidents. The PSA also had presentations on the new HSE regulations, on management and major accident risk and experiences from use of the joint preparedness resources.

Visit OLF’s website (external link) to see slides from the presentations.