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PSA's main priorities 2012

Barriers, groups exposed to risk, the natural environment, and management and major accident risk are the main priorities adopted by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) for 2012.

They have been presented to the companies and unions involved in the Norwegian oil and gas industry at a meeting on 6 December.

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While the main priorities remain unchanged in name from 2011, their content has been updated in line with the most important safety challenges facing the petroleum sector.

The PSA’s follow-up of the USA’s Deepwater Horizon accident in 2010 and the Montara blowout off Australia in 2009 has been important in determining the focus of the main priorities.

At its meeting with the industry, the PSA also presented an overview of recommended measures which need to be given special attention by the sector in the time to come.

These recommendations are another outcome of the authority’s work on Deepwater Horizon and Montara, and cover risk management, requirements and expectations for barrier management, and organisation and management.

“We feel that the industry must get to grips with these improvement points and work on them,” says Magne Ognedal, director general of the PSA.

The PSA has now asked the industry to provide feedback on the way these challenges can be tackled.

See the web-TV interview with Mr Ognedal here: