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Time for a change of tempo. Minutes of the Safety Forum meeting of 13 June

Introducing new members and thanking outgoing members were among the agenda items at the Safety Forum's meeting of 13 June 2013.

The following matters were dealt with:

Introduction of new members of the Safety Forum:

  • Chair of the Safety Forum Anne Myhrvold (Director General of the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway)
  • Director of Audits Finn Carlsen (Petroleum Safety Authority Norway)
  • Technical Secretary Gudmund Rydning (Petroleum Safety Authority Norway)

Annual Conference of the Safety Forum
Time for a change of tempo. The conference was judged to have been very successful. There were many excellent presentations. Special plaudits to Alexandra Bech Gjørv for a very absorbing talk.

Follow-up of ongoing matters:

  • Lifeboat issue: Difficult issue with major consequences for both safety and economics. Work is continuing on impact assessments.
  • Chemical working environment: Identical letter sent out to the industry. A status update will be issued in autumn 2013.
  • Loss of anchor and position: The Norwegian Shipowners' Association reported slow progress. A new status report will be given at the meeting of 21 November.
  • Risk level in the Norwegian petroleum activity (RNNP): Knowledge concerning which measures should be implemented based on the data that the project has produced must be communicated better. The Safety Forum has an important task to perform here.
  • Employee participation in licence meetings: The Safety Forum is awaiting a reply from the Ministry.
  • The noise project: The project is proceeding very well.
  • HSE and emergency preparedness in the High North: The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, as leader of the tripartite cooperation on HSE in the High North, will compile a list for prioritisation, implementation and closing of measures.
  • Divers' health and employment conditions: We are awaiting a reply from the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision.

The Safety Forum's mandate and priorities: There was discussion of the Safety Forum's mandate, priorities, working methods and processes. The mandate and priorities have arisen in a consensual and sound manner and will persist. The Safety Forum's working methods and processes will be the subject of an internal workshop in connection with the company visit in September 2013.

Serious incidents: Principal Engineer Rune Solheim (Petroleum Safety Authority Norway) presented two serious incidents.

  • COSLPromotor, personal injury 14.04.2013
  • Naturkraft, personal injury 30.05.2013

Notification/reporting of incidents: The Safety Forum's members must inform their members of the notification/reporting requirements set out in Section 29 of the Management Regulations.

Establishment of 3 new specialist forums: In meetings with the engineering environments at the contractors, the drilling contractors and the well service companies, a need was expressed for the establishment of specialist forums to work on risk-reducing measures associated with hydrocarbon leaks and well control incidents. It concerns challenges that can best be solved at industry level. The following forums have been created:

  • Specialist forum for contractor cooperation relating to hydrocarbon leaks and well incidents
  • Specialist forum for the well service companies concerning well control incidents
  • Specialist forum for owners/drilling contractors concerning well control incidents

Company visit 2013: The Safety Forum is travelling to Slagentangen in September and combining the visit with a meeting/workshop.

Fatigue Management, presented by Safety Forum member Siv Janne Aarrestad, Norwegian Oil and Gas Association. 

·         Fatigue is a serious state that affects one's judgment. Investigations often show that fatigue is a contributory cause of incidents. There is great variety in how different companies deal with this issue.

Retirements: Ketil Karlsen (Industri Energi) and Angela Ebbesen (Technical Secretary, Safety Forum) were duly thanked for many years of commitment to tripartite cooperation in the Safety Forum.