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Natural environment

The industry must work purposefully to prevent accidents which can cause acute discharges.

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International incidents highlight the consequences of a major accident, including the impact on the natural environment.

The industry’s efforts to counter major accident risk must also cover the natural environment to a greater extent.

The industry must:

  • Work proactively and systematically to learn from major accidents and incidents which have – or could have – led to acute marine pollution in Norway and internationally.
  • Each player needs to have the necessary overview of and control over the most important factors contributing to the risk of acute discharges in their operations.
  • Each player must adopt the necessary measures to prevent acute discharges. These measures must be proportionate to the possible consequences of such pollution.

We will:

  • Follow up the industry’s work during 2013 on preventing acute discharges. Subsea installations with associated pipelines, and drilling and well operations are two areas which will receive particular scrutiny from us.
  • Extra attention will also be paid to safety-related challenges in the far north. In addition, we intend to participate in relevant national and international working parties and fora.
  • Our contribution to efforts to protect nature and the natural environment from harm is directed first and foremost at the preventive side – in other words, helping to ensure that accidents do not occur.