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Climate Cure 2020: Cutting a way forward

Through the government’s Climate Cure 2020 study, the PSA is helping to assess the measures and instruments needed for Norway to reach its target for greenhouse gas reductions.

The government’s ambition for 2020 is to achieve a 30 per cent cut in overall Norwegian carbon emissions compared with the 1990 level. In that context, a group of official agencies has been brought together under the leadership of the Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency (Klif, formerly the SFT).

This Climate Cure 2020 body is studying how to meet the official target, as the basis for a climate policy due to be submitted to the Storting (parliament) during 2010. The PSA is contributing to this work by facilitating the ability of the petroleum sector to adopt new solutions and technology which can reduce its emissions.

That involves ensuring that the regulations do not impose unintentional barriers to development. Solutions adopted by the industry must also be acceptable in safety terms.

by Thor Gunnar Dahle