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A driller's complex working day - report available in English

Every day, the driller manages safety-critical operations on the drill floor, and is a key person in the work to prevent serious accidents. One-third of the drillers feel that they rarely have an opportunity to update their professional skills, and about one-half feel that they have too many simultaneous tasks in their daily work. These are some of the results from a questionnaire survey about the driller's working day. The report is available in English

The report, which was developed in cooperation with DNV, is based on responses from 187 drillers on 34 facilities, as well as feedback concerning identified challenges and possible measures by the companies.

The survey was presented and discussed at the seminar "The driller's work situation - a changing workday", held on Tuesday, 18 December.

Complex and stressful
The summary shows that the drillers perceive their work situation as complex with many tasks to be accomplished at the same time, which means that it can be challenging to maintain an overall picture of the risk within given frame conditions.

The responses indicate that the drillers experience several difficulties as regards the physical design of the driller's cabin, and may have challenges in relation to competence and understanding of risk. Overall, the responses show that there is still a potential for improvement in the design of the drilling area.

The PSA is of the opinion that it is important that the companies create good conditions so that the driller can carry out his/her ongoing tasks, ensure well control and simultaneously carry out management of the work operations that are of great significance for the safety level.

Several weaknesses
The survey indicates weaknesses linked to both organizational and technical aspects. The feedback from the companies indicates that the drillers have deficient management training, and insufficient time to function as leaders.

A majority occasionally experience that there are a great many administrative systems and procedures to deal with, while nearly half feel that the work programs can be difficult to understand.

Critical for understanding risk
The quality of the content and execution of the drilling program, daily work program and Safe Job Analysis (SJA), are key elements in understanding the risk scenario.

It is a challenge that the drillers do not always understand the content of the programs, and that the programs and procedures do not always fully cover the activity that is underway. The PSA believes that this is critical for the driller's ability to understand the overall risk scenario.

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