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Acknowledgement of Compliance becomes obligatory

The King in Council decided on 19 December 2003 that the Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) system will be obligatory for mobile drilling installations from 1 January 2004.

This leads to the following enforcement practice in 2004:

· Installations for which an application for AoC has been submitted before 31 December 2003, will be processed as an ordinary application for consent without there being an Acknowledgement of Compliance when the application for consent is submitted.

· For applications for consent after 1 January 2004 concerning the use of mobile drilling installations without an AoC or where the application for an AoC was submitted after 31 December 2003, there must be an approved AoC before consent can be granted. Normal processing time for AoC applications will be three months, provided the applications have the expected content and quality. This means that the applicant has carried out e.g. a satisfactory assessment of compliance with the HES regulatory requirements, using the necessary analyses and verifications. There must be a complete list of deviations with references to the regulatory requirements. It must also be documented that the employees have been involved in the process of preparing the application.

This year's revision of the regulatory requirements will include the necessary changes and updates in connection with AoC becoming obligatory. The NPD has also been informed that the industry is updating their own guidelines and manuals to handle this.

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Kjell-Gunnar Dørum