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Amendments to the framework regulations – in force 1 July

 The Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion informs us that the King in Council has laid down the amendments regulations (in Norwegian)  to the regulations 31 August 2001 no. 1061 relating to health, environment and safety in the petroleum activities (the framework regulations (in Norwegian)).

 The amendments were laid down on Friday 26 June 2009 and came into force 1 July 2009. The amendments concern sections 47-53A. 

In the main, the amendments clarify when night work is allowed. In addition, the rules relating to ordinary working hours and off-duty periods have been adapted to the EU working time directive (2003/88/EF) to the extent necessary.

 For the time being, the framework regulations on our web site  will not include said amendments. Hence, the application of sections 47-53A, requires the use of the links above. And, as far as these sections are concerned, the appurtenant guidelines must await completion, too, but see our comments (in Norwegian) to the new section 53 on night work.