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Audit - Amerada Hess as licensee

In the period October - November 2003 the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, now the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), conducted an audit of how Amerada Hess Norge (AHN) as a licensee complies with its obligations in accordance with the HES regulatory requirements.

The audit included an introductory meeting on 3 November 2003, where the PSA emphasized the expectations to the licensee role in accordance with the HES regulatory requirements, and a system verification at AHN's offices on 10 December 2003.

In accordance with the regulatory requirements the licensees shall ensure that the operators can operate safely and efficiently in the area of health, environment and safety (HES).

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Purpose of the audit

The audit was to determine to what extent AHN complies with its supervisory obligation, give a picture of what effect the exercising of this obligation has, how the company develops management systems to comply with the obligations and identify any improvement areas.

Result of the audit

AHN facilitated a good implementation of the audit through good documentation and an open and constructive dialogue.

AHN had a master management system at group level that contained many good HES elements.

AHN also referred to activities in a license context that had contributed to improving HES conditions.

The PSA would emphasize that there are several improvement areas that should be addressed through the development and implementation of a management system that complies with the regulations in the Norwegian regulatory requirements.

We have registered the following improvement areas:

  • In the PSA's assessment, AHN should exercise a more proactive licensee role.
  • The PSA is of the opinion that AHN as a licensee should strengthen its commitment with regard to ensuring that the operator adheres to his responsibility for facilitating a good HES culture.
  • AHN should complete, document and implement a management system in accordance with the Norwegian regulatory requirements.

AHN should establish its own HES expertise so that the organization in Norway is in compliance with the intention of the regulatory requirements.

The PSA's follow-up

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss