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Audit at Bygnes and in Emden, September 2008

Audit: The Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) and Landesamt für Bergbau, Energie und Geologie (LBEG) have in the period 4 – 11 September 2008 conducted an audit related to Gassco’s safety management with regard to terminals in Dornum and Emden.

Background for the audit
Gassco took over the operation of the German gas terminals from 1 July 2007. As a verification of this process, the PSA and LBEG decided to perform a joint audit to evaluate Gassco as an operator of German gas terminals.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to verify that Gassco’s management system complies with the regulations set out by the German and Norwegian authorities, and to create a basis for evaluating Gassco’s follow-up and management of the activities at the German gas terminals after the company took over the operation of the terminals.

Result of the audit
The audit was performed according to plan at Bygnes and in Emden.

We did not identify any nonconformities, but we did observe five areas with room for improvement. These areas were related to plans for mapping of critical equipment, responsibilities and interfaces, job descriptions, competence gaps and workload.