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Audit at Tjeldbergodden - follow-up of major accident regulations

During the period 23-24 November, we conducted an audit of Statoil at Tjeldbergodden (TBO, photo) to evaluate whether the activities at TBO are conducted in accordance with the regulations and recognized standards. The audit was restricted to the risk of major accidents, with main emphasis on follow-up of the measures in connection with updating of the risk analysis, preventive maintenance and internal HSE audits.

Background for the audit

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) shall set the standards for and follow up to ensure that the players in the petroleum activities maintain high standards of health, safety, environment and emergency preparedness and, through this work, also contribute to creating the greatest possible value for the Norwegian society.

The PSA is also to contribute to reducing the risk level in the petroleum activities by following up to ensure that the players facilitate technical and operational integrity in their activities.

This audit is based on the major accident regulations, whose purpose is to prevent major accidents relating to hazardous chemicals, as well as to restrict the consequences that major accidents might have on human beings, the environment and material assets.

Purpose of the audit

The goal of the audit was to verify that the activities have satisfactory control of factors related to inspection of condition and maintenance, and that the measures emerging in the updated risk analysis for the TBO facility are safeguarded.

Result of the audit

The main impression from the audit is that Statoil appears to have satisfactory management and control of preventive maintenance.

No factors were uncovered that indicate a need for a notification of order.
However, the PSA did recommend certain clarifications and corrections in some of the maintenance procedures.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority:
Mike Theiss