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Audit - barriers on Draugen

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has conducted an audit activity aimed at the management of technical barriers in A/S Norske Shell, specifically on the Draugen platform. The audit was implemented with a preliminary meeting with the land organization in Kristiansund on 4 November 2003, interviews and verifications on Draugen on 5 November 2003, followed by further clarifications and interviews in Kristiansund on 6 November 2003.

Background for the audit

The background for this activity can be found in Storting White Paper No. 7 (2001-2002) on HES in the petroleum activities, in which the technical condition of the installations is a key element to be emphasized in the NPD's supervision.

This activity was also based on changes in the NPD's new HES regulations of 1 January 2002, with increased emphasis on requirements for management of barriers.

On this basis, a letter was sent to all operators in June 2002 in which the NPD asked the operators to explain how they handle management of the technical integrity of their installations, including the requirements in Sections 1-8 of the Management Regulations.

Shell's reply to this letter was received on 30 August 2002. The reply included a description of Shell's system for handling this as well as plans for future work.

Purpose of the audit

The objective of this activity was to evaluate the degree of implementation of these systems in the operations organization and on the installation.

The activity particularly targeted how Shell handles the requirements in Section 1 of the Management Regulations relating to risk reduction, Section 2 on barriers and Section 7 on performance measurements and indicators.

The requirements concerning barriers (establishing, operating and maintaining), knowledge of the barriers' function and performance, as well as systems for handling situations where the barriers are out of function or impaired, were reviewed.

Result of the audit

Shell has, insofar as the audit could confirm, carried out thorough work to establish an overview of the central technical barriers in a manner that satisfies the NPD's requirements and expectations.

Performance requirements have been established for the most important technical barriers and, to some extent, a system has also been established to monitor the status of these barriers in relation to the stipulated requirements.

The audit identified non-conformances related to

  • relevant and suitable performance requirements for all of the identified technical barriers
  • preparation of compensating measures in the event of failure of impaired function for these technical barriers
  • responsibility and procedures to ensure that relevant personnel always have an overview of the status of technical barriers
  • updating of procedures in use on the installation and on land
  • functional testing of Emergency Closure Device (ECD)

We were informed that Shell has activities underway to ensure that these aspects are handled.

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss